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Are you a company with a large number of employees and do you need to train your staff?

Do you need to train your clients on the use of complex procedures related to your products or services? The best way to do this is through video training, through online or offline courses led by a professional voice who knows how to make learning clear and simple. And for the very reason a topic can be difficult or very technical, it is essential that the advertising speaker or voiceover be direct, dynamic, empathetic and captivating, in order to hold the participants’ attention.

Do like Burger King, Harley Davidson, Flixbus and Crédit Agricole did, and choose me for your corporate video courses, e-learning and professional tutorials.

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Now you can easily contact me and await a quote, or instantly purchase your voice service via the online purchase form you see below. If you already have a clear idea of what you need, proceed by inserting, in the notes field only, all the information or links to the files (draft video, music and effects) that may be useful to me.

If you don’t know what the video distribution will be (internal only? Via the internet on a website? With marketing campaigns on social media, through sponsored and pre- or post-roll videos on streaming? Will it air on TV?) write to me before ordering online and I will be happy to help you.

If you prefer speaking to me over the phone, I am always more than happy to personally connect with the clients that I will have the pleasure of working with, and to understand, in person, what they are looking
for, for their audio project.

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