Sending me material for quotes

The first step is to request a quote. I always recommend attaching, in addition to the script, all the additional material you may have available (any video drafts, chosen music, sound effects) and providing as many details on the project as possible.

Purchasing the order

Once the quote is issued, a package is purchased (through the e-commerce form on the site), that same purchase is confirmed and the payment is received, then processing of the voice to be recorded begins.


Choice of proposed style or direction in real time

With the help of the demos and portfolio of services performed, found in the archives, or following the client's instructions, together, a guideline on the style required is established and registration begins. The client can also listen in and direct in real time, via high-quality connection.

Delivery of audio recording

Once completed, I send the audio recording in high quality, free from breathing noises, edited and post produced according to my experience as a sound designer. Upon request, I can also send the file without any audio processing, for the savvier clients and then wait for client feedback.


Possible revisions

Unlimited revisions*. I am happy to make changes (including changes to texts, indicated by the client) until the required final results are fully achieved. To date, I have never received any requests for refunds.

Confirmation of the order

The client is satisfied with the final results as the audio recording has been approved and is used in compliance with the target for distribution that was agreed upon. I always welcome the idea of receiving on my social channels a link and a review and sharing the finished work!



National, regional and local TV and radio ads, web ads, emotional corporate videos, animated videos, cartoons, podcasts, audiobooks, e-learning, audio courses, TV programs, documentaries, voicemails, tutorials and much more.

Professional voices can give a specific color and warmth to each product or service requested. And I am the right voice for you, whether you are a large brand, a small-medium sized business, a start-up, a selfemployed freelancer. Find out more:



High quality recording out of my professional home studio. 24h delivery in WAV and/or MP3 already processed or clean/flat recording.


Advice on choosing a suitable music for the project and support in the final mix between voice, music and effects, so that everything is clearly audible on every device.


If you think you have to eliminate a recording because of a noise, wait! I take care of audio restoration and I know how to clean noises and improve the quality of voices.


Required master volumes differ if you need to air your ad on TV or send it on the WEB and the right loudness guidelines have to be respected. I know how to help you...


Do you need more than one male voice? Perhaps you need additional native Italian speakers (male or female), in this case casting and recording services with professional colleagues can be arranged.

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